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Alegria Studios

We are glad to welcome you in Golden Beach and Studios Alegria!

Newly built, spacious apartments, lovely garden, just by the sea, these are only few of what you should expect from Alegria Studios.

Our apartments were built considering the needs of the traveler that wants to relax by the sea and enjoy the nature. As Golden Beach is the largest and most beautiful beach in Thassos, awarded with blue flag, it is also the most developed regarding facilities and services. At the same time it retains its natural beauty. Restaurants, cafes, shops, car rental, water sports etc are all in a walking distance.

We would be happy to accommodate you and offer you the best for memorable vacations in Thassos.

We are looking forward visiting us!

alegria-studios-120.jpg alegria-studios-123.jpg alegria-studios-124.jpg alegria-studios-21.jpg alegria-studios-4.jpg alegria-studios-42.jpg alegria-studios-6.jpg alegria-studios-66.jpg alegria-studios-71.jpg alegria-studios-84.jpg alegria-studios-90.jpg alegria-studios-91.jpg