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Activities at Thassos Island

Around the island. The main road connects all coastal villages so you can easily visit all areas of the island. Also you can do the round of the island by sea, with touristic boats that guide you to all the beaches.

Cycling. Thassos is ideal for cycling in nature with your own bike or you can rent one.

Diving. A unique experience for those wanting to explore the underwater world of the island with the help of experienced instructors.

Hiking. There are many mountain hiking trails accessible for those who want to explore and be in contact with nature.

Fishing. Fishing is allowed across the island. For spear gun, you can only practice away from crowded beaches and swimmers.

Riding. For those who love animals and nature, you may enjoy horse ride at the riding clubs of the island.

Water sports. There are many companies with water sports, one of which is located on the beach in front of the Studios Alegria, with experienced instructors complying with all safety standards. You can try water skiing, water cycling, "banana boat", parasailing and more.

Archaeological sites. You can visit the numerous archaeological sites on the island such as the Archaeological Museum, the ancient theater etc. Also many monasteries and mountain villages, as the one of Panagia. Panagia is a traditional mountain village with narrow streets and shops, with the church of Virgin Mary, the love springs and the splendid traditional taverns with meat on roast.